How To Plan Your Activities In Las Vegas Podcast

Going to Las Vegas should be something that you experience with a large group of fun and cool friends. Don’t make the mistAKE OF GOING ALONE, with little money or broke ass loser friends who dont like to party. If you are short on cash then visit to find the best deals in las vegas like clothes, food, parties, strippers, restaurants, and escorts. I live in vegas currently and know that it is truly the best place on the planet to have fun and be entertained. Everything that you could possibly want is there it really just comes down to are you a baller enough to afford the luxuries the city has to offer. If you don’t then please do not go home complaining about how much vegas sucks or howits hyped up cuz its not. Its a fantasy land where the big boys come to play.

When planning your trip to vegas you should have everything mapped out like restaurants hotels atrractions , shows clubs strip clubs and even escorts. This is the full experience and is best to find an event planner to plan out your trip for you. Make sure you never drink and drive because its not worth it. Most things are very close to each other so cab fare will not cost you much. A secret that I learned is that locals get in free with a local ID so if you look like you are still a student go to the UNLV and buy a gym card for $20 when u purchase this you will be printed a gym id card that looks like u are a unly studemt which passes as a local id. With this you can get into almost any club  for free during the week which will save you a ton of money on cover charges at local clubs and strio clubs like spearmint rhino .

The largest strip club in ls vegas is so make sure you book a free limo and check out all the action.

Crazy Stories From My Trip In Las Vegas

976423827edeb545389a09f93d43f594Why I love Strip clubs las vegas Especially Olympic Gardens

While I was in las vegas I lived in a 9 bedroom mansion with 3 strippers and 1 massage therapist who gave me free massages every now and then. Life was good I banged 17 girls from europe and made a bunch of money promoting night clubs strip clubs and and escort services… The highrest amount of money came from the strip club olympic gardens las vegas  This strip club had a male section and female dancer section. One night I met a sexy girl from turkey and her midget friend at the 360 bar at the stratospehere and me and my buddy ended up bringing them to the olypic gardens to see some male strippers. It was a fun night and I was surprised at how much fun it was up there. My girl got a few dances and then sat in my lap and made out with me in front of all the other girls that were there. It was an awesome night. After the club I brght her back home to muy mansion where I fucked her on my boses bed and then he walked in on us while having sex. It was hilarious. Adter fucking her beautiful ass we heard her midget friend being fucked by my friend in his room. It was hilarious and we laughed and then had one more sex session in my original bedroom in the mansion.

Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas

Another night I went to crazy horse 3 in las vegas where one of my girl roomates worked and things got hot and heavy between the both of us. I saw her dancing was drunk and decided to take her to the private vip area to get free dances from her. I fingered her in the back got her real horny then took her back to our place where i fucked her in her bedroom and the sex was amazing! her ass was round and tight and her pussy was even tighter. You can find some real gems at the crazy horse 3

Las Vegas Escorts are alot of fun

My favorite night was when I fucked a las vegas escort at she was stunning and truly the hottest girl I have every I had sex with. Since I was the top promoteer for escorts in vegas she heard about me and when we met we had sex in our mind the whole time. She was gorgeous and didnt even charge me for the time we spent together. WWe hung out all night and fucked about 5 times. It was insANE!

Guide To Putting Together Your First Escort Advertisement

Getting Your Image As An Escort Set-Up

high end escortsOnce you have your photos ready you are ready to set up your first ad as a high-end Houston escort. You will send an ad for placement in one of two ways. The ad site may have a form to fill out that requests all the information that will be displayed in your ad. There will be a section for you to write a brief bio or whatever message you would like your potential clients to know about you. Lastly, there is a place to attach your escort photos . This will usually be In jpeg format. the photos sometimes have to be a specific size . if these things are foreign to you, often a representative of the site will assist you through the entire process. With most advertising sites it is good to use at least 3 of your sexiest pictures.

The Second Best Way To Place Your Escort Ads

The second way to send in your San Francisco escort ad information is via email. In the email you want to make sure you hit on all the same points regarding your personal stats. You will also still write a brief text for clients to read. Your photos will go along with the email in the form of an attachment. Often it is best if you can address your email to a specific person for faster response and attention. Either of these methods will work. Neither really are faster than the other. Each site will review your text and photos before posting it to the internet. The time of turn around depends on the site and how busy they are with other escort clients.

Key Things Escorts Should Keep In Mind Before Placing Their Ads

  • What do you want your text to say about you?
  • Do you want to display a phone number? Which would be so clients can contact you at all hours. Or would you prefer first contact be through email?
  • Do you want your face blurred in your pictures?
  • Do you want to tell people your real name, age etc.?
  • Which thumbnail do you want to use (this is very important).
  • Do you want your rate mentioned in the ad (if the site allows it).
  • Do you want to portray to your customers that you one of the best high-end VIP escorts on the site? Or do you feel you are better off staying in the average category?